Vintage Paint Top 50 Story

Wir sind glücklich als einer der Top 10 Vertretern von Vintage Paint ausgewählt worden zu sein! 
We are very happy to have been selected as one of the Top 10 dealers of Vintage Paint globally. Read the full interview below from 
What would you do after a year of traveling around the world?
Irene and Erik allowed themselves a longer break from the very dense everyday life when as a flower artist and decorator one event hit the other in their lives. After discovering plenty of wonders in the world, they decided to return to Switzerland and open their own home decoration store, the Simply Living. Some years later, they had the opportunity to “anchor” on the shore of Lake Zug, so they could feel a little like they were on vacation every day in this wonderful surroundings.
But they did not allow themselves to be lazy in spite of the vacation mood but started to create a special atmosphere in their store filled with cozy, creative ideas made by hand and love in addition to the well-selected home decorations.
„When the Vintage Paint hit the market, we tried it immediately and were convinced by the first brushstrokes that we wanted to bring this fantastic paint and the accessories into our range because of their high quality. And we were right, as evidenced by the fact that we still use the same brushes we started painting with six years ago.” – Irene said.
We learned that in addition to smaller decorations, they like to paint their own furniture, both at home and in the store. They like to experiment with styles and colors, but Irene’s favorite finish is the colored wax.
“We’ve painted a lot of things these years. For example, a whole room with Stone Grey for a customer. But I make a lot of seasonal decorations for the store, like paper flowers, painting each petal separately. I also like to paint with VP on canvas or paper maché.” – Irene said.
“Although we don’t have workshops and courses, we hold demonstrations throughout the year on the use of paint, when visitors can view, touch, ask questions and even try out our products. And I usually like to sit down at a table in front of our shop, have coffee and paint some small items, and I’m really happy when someone comes to me and asks me what I’m doing.” – Erik added.
Their strength is that they love what they do and are happy to discuss interior design ideas with customers, give advice on painting techniques or color choices.
“Our customers often give an insight into their home. It’s very uplifting to see the proud and happy faces when they show pictures of their furniture painted with Vintage Paint. Some of my most cherished friendships were developed during interior design discussions.” – Irene said.
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